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  • Time to take the plunge

    I stumbled across this site while doing a search .. I must say.. there is a wealth of information.. and some very talented people here..

    I have spent countless hours reading about the projects , looking at installs done by the members here.. ( I enjoyed every minute) .. but I can hear my wallet starting to cry out loud..

    You guys/gals have convinced me to take the plunge..

    I have some extensive computer experience.. and NO car audio experience..

    Here are my goals:

    Factory looking install ( most important)
    mp3 player
    dvd movie player
    FM stereo
    GPS nav
    TV ( possibly)
    OBDII monitoring

    I just purchased a 2006 Mustang GT and this will the vehicle

    A member here named 2 STanGeR did a awesome job on a Mustang.. and was the deciding factor for me..
    His install can be found here:

    I will be ordering the kit for the lilliput monitor this week..

    Here are some things that I already have ( what are your thoughts )

    shuttle sb75g2 MB
    Intel pent 4 2.8c chip
    1 gig kingston ram
    200g WD hd

    I have set a budget for around 1600.00 for this project.. ( initially)

    I would like to use the factory speakers for now.. they arent great.. but..

    Once I get the system up and running I can always upgrade the speakers then..

    Come on guys.. lend a noob a hand.. if you got to start all over again.. how would you do it..

    Input is GREATLY appreciated..

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    i have one for sale here if anyone is interested. black annodized finish suburu/mustang kit

    also selling, 60gb toshiba 2.5 hd, 1gb ocz dd2 sodim (notebook) ram, pentium m 740 cpu


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      Welcome and good luck! One thing I noticed on your setup is the 2.8 P4. It may be a bit power hungry for a carPC app. Some people have them in use, but it seems the majority use a mobiel chip or a VIA board for less power consumption.

      Talk to the people with similar cars for ideas and pitfalls to watch out for. Also, start a worklog thread... it has helped me organize my thoughts and is a great place for people to comment on your setup.

      Oh yeah... have fun with it!!!

      View my worklog... I dare you...

      Carputer Progress [||------------------] 10%