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Amp Popping on power down

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  • Amp Popping on power down

    I am almost finished with my carputer and I have some weird bugs I have questions with. My amp trigger is hooked up to a 12v wire I found in my car for my old cdplayer, wich is now on a switch. When I turn the switch on the amp and my power inverter turns on and everything is good. But when I turn the amp off all the speakers pop really loud, weather or not there is a signal going to the amp. The trigger wire used to be hooked up to the power terminal of the inverter (where the 8 gauge wire from the battery plugs in) and i didnt have this problem then, I just thought it would be much less current running through

    Does it matter how much voltages and current is going through the trigger wire of the amp? and which is a safer one to use? Or why is it popping.

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    The amp pops because there is no signal present at the inputs upon power-down. With the setup you have, I'd put the trigger wire back where it was when it didn't pop, and leave the switch inline. Shut the switch off before anything else, which will prevent that annoying (and potentially damaging) pop. Keep in mind that there are controllers available to solve this very problem - check out the store.
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