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Installing the Lilliput screen

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  • Installing the Lilliput screen

    Ok, I have everything I need to finish up. I have my lilliput screen, amp, laptop, everything. I just don't know how to fabricate the screen, I have a 05 Ford Focus. And when I pop out the headunit, (shoved it into the glovebox for now since i need to figure out how to make the amp come on with out a head unit.) and I have a huge gapping hole in the center now. I can take a picture if anyone would like, but the only camera I have right now is my phone.

    But here is a picture of my lilliput with the center thing for the focus around it:

    Where I circled is where it's just a tad too big and won't go through there, and a little too small on the sides so you will be able to see behind it. What I was thinking, was I could sand down the bottom and then smooth it out and paint the whole thing black since it will go good with my car, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to mount it and get it to look nice right there... Any suggestions would be awesome and appreciated.

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    Hello fellow Focus driver!

    Same deal as many with the earlier focai mate. As I have an earlier one I'm cutting a bit off the top and the bottom of the din slot, and then mounting the screen in the whole using a combination of bumper repair stuff and filler which I'll then spray to match. I'll need to reposition the hazard switch (as I said, older focus).

    Yours should be pretty straight forward by the looks of it tho. Maybe read some in the fabrication section

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

    M10K, Lilli 7", 512MB, 80Gb HD, slim CD-RW/DVD Combi, nLite Win XP, CentraFuse.

    Planned for years, built for ages, tested for a while, almost installed, never gonna be perfect...