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Onboard or PCI video?

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  • Onboard or PCI video?

    I was wondering what you all use for video? My motherboard has onboard video, but I was thinking of adding a PCI video card to help for video playback. Do you think onboard video is enough to handle visualizations (like in Winamp or something) and DVD playback? An FX5200 grfx card is what I'm thinking. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!


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    I don't own a carpc yet, and I probably wouldn't play games in it, but onboard video slows down your PC alot.


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      most people seem to use onboard video and they have said it works well for video playback. a common onboard is on the VIA M10000. Im pretty sure, based on your sig, that a Pentium M and the DFI itx will plenty for video playback - since it is more powerful than the via series of itx motherboards by far. I think the PCI video card will just be more stress on the PSU than its worth unless you plan on playing high tech video games.


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        No need for video games in the car, just visualizations and DVD playback. If the onboard video will work for that, great! I guess running a screen at those lower resolutions will help. Cool, I'll get rid of my FX5200 and now I can get an internal sound card.