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    Hello everyone, ill start off saying that im a newbie, born and raised.. a couple days ago i started researching the possibility of having a 'carputer' in my 03 Accord V6. please don't bash me too hard, im still learning The best carputer i found specific to me is here, Itd probably be best for me to follow his example and use the same setup. the C134 case, and M10000. And i guess the M1 ATX PSU. As for questions, if anyone can help id appreciate it.

    M1 ATX PSU - once the 'HARDMODE' time is reached, all power is cut from the PSU to the motherboard. In the manual i see it says 'even if your computer is totally off, a pc will still consume a few hundred milliwatts, needed to monitor PC ON/OFF status. Does the battery still drain away after hardmode is reached?

    After hardmode is reached, im guessing the pc wouldnt be able to boot automatically when you turn the car on since the power has been cut? (unless it doesnt work that way)

    And is the offdelay (ex. set at 5seconds) used for both booting the system 5 seconds after the car has turned on, as well as soft power down 5 seconds after the car has turned off? Looking at this review, they mention setting the 5 second offdelay then mention the system booted 5 seconds after turning the car on as expected.

    As for connecting the sound card to the stereo, is this what i would need? then put a connector between the soundcard and the SHOND3?

    thanks again