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    hey im very new to this world was shown mp3 car by a friend who wanted it bad now i want it. i was really torn between this and a regular indash dvd player and i kinda still am. i really need to know as far as like installing my cpu what special plugs or wires or batteries am i gonna need to run this equipment to do it right? i have a expedition with a double din radio can i take the radio out and put my screen in its place or do i need to radio to run the sound? and if so can i still take it out and mount it some where else? im all for buying the comp because of the features i know it has i just wana make sure i know EVERYTHING about it before i go jumpping head first into something and i end up not happy. thanks.

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    head to the FAQ emporium dude! only way i am afraid. no-one can possibly write you a reply with everything you can learn in there. And then that will only be the start. It will raise questions and issues that you have not even thought of yet....Good luck and stick with it. Don't get daunted and quit. and dont try and do it for under $500!


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      Even better is to head right on over to Bug Byte's most excellent FAQ to the FAQs. Just click here:

      If you're not up for tracking down all these individual threads, you can always just purchase one or both of the following two books:

      Car PC Hacks by Damien Stolarz

      Geek My Ride: Build the Ultimate Tech Rod by Auri Rahimzadeh



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        Are you at Campbell or Knox?
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