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Trickle of Money makes for a slow build

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  • Trickle of Money makes for a slow build

    So I dont have tons of extra money so my system build has been very slow. And repurchasing items is definately a no no for me. So I have to build off of what I have. I want to add DVD to the car but I want more functionality than what the current DVD head units have, so it seems that a pc is the way to go. Here is a list of my current equipment and a list of plans. Let me know what you guys thing and maybe any suggestions or changes you can think of.

    Currently have:
    Clarion Head Unit
    -CD/MP3 playback
    -Changer Controls
    -I-Pod Controls
    -Sirius Satellite control

    I have the iPod controller and the 6 disc changer. The head unit will control a 6 disc DVD changer and also controller the 5.1 controller if I decide to go that way. The headunit is a single din and I have a double din size opening. So to easily add DVD I plan on getting the DVD Changer but not the 5.1 controller yet. Than a touchscreen VGA screen. I have been looking and found a few that I have to concider. So at that point I wouldnt run anything in the VGA just plug the DVD changer into the screen and maybe add a backup camera. Also, the iPod that I have is the video and I have an extra dock laying around. I would plug the dock into the audio aux in on the headunit and the video to the 2nd comp video in on the screen. So I have DVD and ability to play the videos from the iPod. Also I have expandability. So cost to me with the screen and the changer would be about 500 or so dollars. Does this seem like a viable way to go instead of jumping to the PC right away?

    I guess I look as the PC as an accent to stereo system instead of the other way around. Of course the PC would add additional finctionality but at a cost as I wouldnt want to skimp on that at all.

    Ok so any thoughts? Am I just simply crazy? Thanks for any replies.

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    Your plan will cost you more money in the long run but will get you the DVD functionality quicker than if you go the PC route.

    It also seems like a waste to get the VGA screen if you don't have a Car PC. A video screen is cheaper and it is likely to take you a long time to save for a car PC, if ever.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      my suggestion would be:::: 'be patient' it's taken me almost a year to build my car-pc due to lack of coin, during that year I wasted a lot of money on cheap "this might do" alternatives, but now that I have the full pc based system up and running, i'm glad I gave up on the "cheap alternatives"
      by being poor,,, therefore being forced to be patient, it's amazing what you can learn by spending 10 or so months scouring these forums,, once you actually get round to building your system, you've got a pretty good idea on what your doing.
      out of the 500 bucks your thinking of spending on a "this'll do for the time being" you can get a long way on a "this'll do for good" project
      for example: here's what I've spent so far:::
      ((((AUSSIE DOLLARS))))
      Misc crap--wire, relays, psu, etc..
      Epia M-10000 m/board:
      ---$220 (ebay, used)
      512 Ram
      ---$80 (new)
      Power supply
      ---$100 (300 watt) (goin' the inverter, no ground loops, noise, etc.. thanks to "scouring the forums" also, ignition based startup-shutdown control, once again due to "scouring the forums"
      Hdd 80gig (3.5")
      ---$50 (ebay, used)
      VGA touchscreen
      ---$250 (ebay, new)
      ---$150 (new)
      total=== AU$950 USD$720

      as you can see,,,with what I,ve spent, It's pretty close to the 500 your thinking of spending on a project your not gonna be happy with,,chill for a bit, you'll be glad you did

      Edit-- OK I forgot the dvd bit---come-on how cheap are DVD-ROM's now??? add AU$50
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