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2.5" or 3.5" hard drive?

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  • 2.5" or 3.5" hard drive?

    I thought I'd post this in the newb section since my flame suit is at the cleaners. I am building my 2nd carputer now and I am debating whether to stick with a 2.5" HD like with my other setup or go to a 3.5" and get alot more storage space. I calculated power consumption and am fine with either and with room to spare.I have been looking at the samsung and seagate units due to their low noise properties. Any input as far as reliability of a 3.5" drive and any suggestions?
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    i am a noob too, but i would go with 2.5" more expensive but more shock resistant and smaller. u can get them up to 120gb, as far as i know. should be enough for in car app.



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      I've had a 3.5 in my car for years, so if space or P consumption is not an issue, that get the cheaper 3.5. However, you may want to think ahead to where you may be barking about space, in which case I'd get the 2.5.
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        Also 2.5 only use 5v rail and the 3.5 use both (5v, 12v) so is about power too

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