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    Hello, Well my names Mike im new to the community and looking to get a system set-up in my car. Its a 2002 Chrysler Sebring, 4door sedan. Im in the planning stages right now, I've picked up some parts such as motherboard,ram wire's, gps unit that type of stuff.. now just getting it into the car and looking nice. I've included some pictures if anyone has any suggestions, umm it looks like I will have to move the temp control so suggestions on where it could go, anything like that would be very helpful. Thanks alot.


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    hmmmm, very tough. If you haven't got your monitor yet, I'd go with an In-Dash unit. (Xenarc)
    That radio won't have Aux-in plugs, how do you plan to do your sound? If you trash the radio, (and use an amp only) I'd put the In-dash monitor there.
    If you keep the radio, where would you put the AC controls?
    Maybe put the in-dash up top, where the r.vent and that gizmo is?
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      I'd go with the in-dash unit + amp.

      It would be a bit more mess having to move the controls and what not.
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        A/C controls to the lower compartment and pull the radio. Bondo screen into the large empty area in your dash.
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          gotta agree with anky ^^

          the heater controls are nice and chunky with no fiddly buttons like some cars.
          You'd have no problems accessing them down lower

          That would leave a huge area to fill with a screen
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            id just throw it in the bottom slot, and angle it down and use bondo to make it look good, assuming the shifter dosent get in the way.
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