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The Dell or Toshiba?

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  • The Dell or Toshiba?

    Ok guys Im in need of some advice. I came across two laptops the other day in a local pawn shop and I would like to purchase one of them before they are gone, but need advice on which would be better for my carputer. Im wanting the laptop to be able to....hold alot of Music videos & Mp3s, run navi soft, Great DVD play back, Phone enabled, decent graphics so im able to play some games such as halo, run OEM dinostics, watching Tv......those are a few of what Im wanting out of this laptop as well as a reliable on the go laptop. Im leaning twards the toshiba but I think the Dell is newer between the both. Any advice appreciated or expirence with the laptop brand.......Thanks alot!

    Ok Im not %100 sure on these specs because everytime I ed I always came up with different ones...

    Toshiba tecra A1
    Click image for larger version

Name:	tecra_a1.jpg
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Size:	7.2 KB
ID:	2296230
    Hard Drive Capacity: 40 GB
    Processor Type: Intel Pentium 4
    Screen Size: 15 inches
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional
    Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz
    Primary Drive: CD-RW/DVD Combo
    Memory (RAM): 256 MB
    56K Modem, Network Card

    Dell Inspiraton 1150
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cb_1.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	4.1 KB
ID:	2296231
    Hard Drive Capacity: 30 GB
    Processor Type: Intel Pentium 4
    Screen Size: 15 inches
    Operating System: Windows XP Home
    Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz
    Primary Drive: CD-RW/DVD Combo
    Memory (RAM): 256 MB
    Internal Modem
    Internal Network Card

    Thanks again for any advice!

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    I don't think it matters, really. Either one would be suitable.
    RAM and HDD can be upgraded easily if there's not enough for your taste. WiFi is pretty easy to add.

    If the Dell has its original service tag, you can plug that in at and it will tell you the exact configuration when it shipped.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks for the advice on the upgrades! but which one would you go with?


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        toshiba probably. but as DP said check the service tag as it might have some warranty left. you will need more ram too.


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          Toshibas are usually better builds than Dell but check if you can buy a docking station (preferably with a power button) for the Dell. It makes it a lot easier to put in a car.
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            IF speed is all you're after, you should be fine with any of the 2....

            I'm using a Dell P3 700 w/ 256MB, and it's plenty fast for everything that I've thrown at it... although the 1MB cache really helps...


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              Thanks for all of the advice so far but which one out the of two would you all prefer?


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                Toshiba, better built.

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                  I have had both Toshiba's and Dell's, and I will say from a service standpoint, I really prefer the Dells. I never would have bought a Dell, but once I worked on one I was hooked. Here is an example, my C610's screws are labeled...Pull out all the "K" screws and the keyboard comes out. "B" for the case half..."D" for the display. No unnecessary unscrewing. Exploded views and diagrams are all on Dell's website. Parts are cheap on eBay

                  As far as quality, both should be just fine. First step on either one (IMO) is a bios update. Its amazing what a bios update can do to a laptop.
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                    I would vote for Toshiba. I've been a die-hard dell fan since the P-III 500MHz was a fast machine. (I still have that machine, and it still runs like a charm). But my previous experience with Dell has left a very nasty taste in my mouth. My previous laptop (Inspiron 8500 P4 2.6GHz) was the largest piece of junk I've ever had. In its 2.5 year lifespan the only things that weren't replace were the HDD and the LCD Module. It needed:

                    4 wireless cards
                    1 new Bluetooth card
                    3 new RAM DIMM's
                    1 new MB
                    1 new Proc
                    2 new heatsink assemblies
                    1 new DVD Drive
                    1 new keyboard
                    1 new shell (Dell wouldn't fix this under extended warranty, had to buy it over EBay)
                    2 new batteries
                    1 new touchpad (came with the new shell)
                    1 new power brick
                    And as of when I replaced it, the wireless card was out AGAIN, and the LAN port has come loose and only works if you hold the cable in a certain position.

                    Also, I know a P4 will run hot, but at a 55% workload the bottom of the shell was metered at 131 degrees F. To which DELL said was normal. Like I said, I know it'll be hot, but come on, that’s just insane, and you couldn't use it on your legs even with pants on.

                    I think that's everything, I may be missing something though. To top this off was their slide in customer service. Dell used to have extremely good Customer Service IMHO, but it's mostly been outsourced now, I spent 10 minutes once arguing with a tech who insisted, in extremely broken english, that I needed to calm down and press the start button when my PC wouldn't POST. This was the average experience with them. I might have been ok with this if I'd bought a $1000 computer, but when I'm spending $3000+ I expect a higher level of service, and competent technicians.

                    From my readings online/on forums I am not the only one who as experienced a major downfall in Dell's customer service and technical support. I think that they have started to get the message because on their new XPS line you get a special service number that gets you a technician in the USA, and they're supposed to be more highly trained, (I think I read that they're all MCP's) and you aren't supposed to have the 30+ minute wait times.

                    That rant being over, I just switched to a Toshiba (it was that or a Sager) Qosmio G25, and couldn't be happier. I may be eating my words when I need to talk to tech support, but anything has got to be better than my previous experience.

                    So I would have to say Toshiba for the time being. Dell may very well clean up their quality control, design, and service, and quit trying to get by using just their name, but until that happens I'd stay away.