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how to restart car pc if no has reset bottom and keyboard?

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  • how to restart car pc if no has reset bottom and keyboard?

    thank you.

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    cut the wire. is it the red one.. or the white one.. or...

    oh wait, i was thinking of something else.

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      start menu
      turn off computer


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        do you mean hard or soft reset? just about every front end has a restart/shutdown/logout option. and for a hard restart, you can make a push button switch and attach it to the motherboard.
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          1. Turn off ignition. May require stopping car if in motion.
          2. Re-start car.

          Actually, my own car PC does not currently have a reset switch, so I've had to do this when playing with it and doing something which caused it to freeze or do something else weird.

          If your touchscreen is still working and your PC isn't frozen or anything, you can just go to "Start" and then "Turn Off Computer", then select "Shut Down" or "Restart" just like your desktop machine.

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            1. Either turn car off.

            2. Install a power switch for the PC.
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