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System Critique... Motorcycle setup.

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  • System Critique... Motorcycle setup.


    I am just wanting to make sure I have everything in proper order, and have included everything I will need (minus the extra cabling)...

    This is going onto a 2000 Honda Valkyrie motorcycle. Which is a full touring bike, for my dad. This is a primary GPS setup but having audio / video for when he takes it to shows (just for some extra bling )

    Case: Ampie Car Computer Case (smallest Ive seen, anyone know of smaller?)

    Mobo: Via Epia M10000 Mini-ITX

    PSU: M1-ATX

    Memory: Kingston 1024MB PC2100 (regular size)
    Harddrive: Hitachi GST 40gb ($70)

    Display: Lilliput 7" (Detachable from handlebar mount for weather)

    GPS: Looking for a USB waterproof

    Anything more / less. Suggestions / Ideas?

    What gauge wire would I need to run for power supply? I was thinking of using 8gauge...

    Please suggest or comment on this as it is going on my dads bike and am looking to buy the parts soon so we can get this on before summer.

    I am trying to talk him into mounting a standard 15" flatscreen on the back trunk with a keyboard held below it. So when he stops the trunk can turn into a mobile terminal, but he doesn't want to due to the space it'll take up

    EDIT --
    This is the bike this will be installed on:

    Thanks for any help!!
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    you seem to have everything in order. there's no such thing as too low a gauge. 8 gauge is good though should do fine make sure to use fuses rated for your equipment


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      wow....can't wait to see the progress on this ...looks real slick!! As far as the GPS goes, maybe you can fabricate some sort of waterproof plastic asing, as MOST gps will work through plastic and glass so long as it has direct "sight" of the sky...
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        i saw a multipurpose waterproof antenna (including gps) on mp3car's store maybe you can get that and hook it on take a look in the store


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          Yeah I was looking @ the mp3car store's waterproof. He has a Sirius antenna already mounted and wants to mount the GPS mouse next to it.

          The wiring question was to the fact that it is a bit harder running wiring on a motorcycle (using the stock lines and keeping it hidden). 8gau seems to bend enough to work.

          For the TV screen mount I am going to be using a "RAM Mount" system for motorcycles...

          Using that plate as a platform the mount it.

          We were talking about going a crazy route and doing a perminent installation, but weather fears + theft fears (this bike sees roughly 20k a summer on trips) made us decide to do a nice detach and go method.
          2012 Honda Pilot (In Progress)
          2010 Honda Accord (After the Pilot)
          2008 Honda VTX1800N