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  • Help with wiring diagram

    I am going to start pricing wires and parts out for my system, and I think I have it figured out.

    2 - battery terminals to hold up to 0ga or 2ga but can use 4ga
    1 - 4ga wire no longer than 18" from battery to inline fuse holder
    1 - waterproof inline fuse holder with 125amp MAXI or ANL or ATC fuse (see for more details)
    1 - 7' 4ga wire from fuse holder to fused distribution block
    1 - distribution block that should include 4ga input and 4ga, 14ga, 16ga output with a 125 amp, 15amp, and 7.5 amp MAXI or ANL or ATC fuse
    1 - 20' 4ga wire from output of distribution block to amplifier
    1 - 5' 14ga wire from output of distribution block to carputer power supply
    1 - 5' 16ga wire from output of distribution block to monitor
    1 - 4ga wire no more than 12" from amplifier to ground
    4 - 16ga 20' wire from amplifier to speakers
    2 - 8ga 3' wire from amplifier to sub

    Am I missing anything? Am I incorrect wtih anything? I don't think the amp kits on ebay or knukonceptz will work for my application, so it might be that I have to buy the rolls of this stuff myself.

    Also, what are the details I need to actually wire the M2-ATX and Lilliput I was thinking about using?

    Thanks for any help.