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  • Newb: Need Technical Help

    Hey Guys. I am as noob as they come, haha. I just got onto this site maybe 3 hours ago and I am in love with the carputers. I want one now, HAHA. I am not computer illiterate, but I need some help starting off. What do I need to buy? What screen? etc etc. Was wondering if somebody wants to talk with me about what to get and what to do, I would greatly apreciate it. I have been going through this site for hours and I just want a one-on-one conversation with somebody who knows what he/she is doing so I can get an idea on what I want to do. My email is and my SN is cargod1022 for AIM and Yahoo messengers. The SN is thebest way to contact me. Thank you VERY much for all your help!


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    Easy, boy! 3 hours isn't enough. 3 months is more like it. Head over to the FAQ Emporium for some answers. Click the link in my signature and you'll be taken to a FAQ to the FAQ's to start you off.

    I'll warn you ahead of time that all of the questions you are poised to ask are answered on this forum and have been asked over and over and over again. That's why we wrote the FAQ's. Give them good read and then you'll know which questions you need to ask.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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