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Not really CarPC, but ... (Input device Q)

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  • Not really CarPC, but ... (Input device Q)

    I'm planning on building me a device similar to a Squeezebox (, based on an Epia MII6000, but with the added capability of being able to play my 1000-album CD-collection without having to rip them all, and to connect to non-Live365 webradio's, but I cant find any concise info on how to control the thing only using an IR Remote (I have an MCE remote, but am willing to buy a different one).
    I'm an IT professional, so PC's and headless operation are no strangers to me, controlling over IR however is an altogether different proposal.
    I'd like to use a VFD ( or a graphic LCD ( as display, but other than that I'm a little stuck
    I've been looking at HIP & Girder & LCDC, but they strike me as being overly complicated.
    I know you'll probably tell me to , but right now I can't seem to find the FM
    Thnx for any input