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  • First Car PC

    Hello all.

    I have an mutsubishi eclipse G3 (2001) and I am inetrested in building a car pc. I have done some reading online and in this site. I am trying to get some feedback. I am trying to build a car pc for DVD viewing, GPS, Wireless connection to my local Network or a wifi wherever avaialble. I also want to have an independent switch for on and off power. I prefer having a seperate power control for the monitor in case I just want to listen to music with the monitor off.
    I have three options to choose from.
    1. Buy a mini mac
    2. Build my own pc using a mini motherboard
    3.Use my gateway laptop

    The first option sounds more attracting. The mini mac is more compact, has more expansion ports, and cheaper than the second option ( since I can get one from ebay for $350)

    The other option I like more is using my laptop. Since this is my first time of builing a car pc, I dont want to make errors that will be costly (burn the mini pc ...) (Dont care much about the laptop, I have no use for it right now, so it ok if it burns)

    I will be using a 7" touchscreen monitor that I will try to mount in the double DIN after I remove my stereo. (I am worried about having an lcd monitor in a car where temperature falls below zero sometimes. Most manufactures say mention temperatures well over freezing. Will leaving the monitor in the car during the cold be a problem?)

    I would appreciate your comments. Please advise before I make any purshases. I would for muts eclipse owners who have done this to tell me where is the best place to put the monitor.

    Thanks all

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    as I havn't build my own CarPuter yet, I did already decide which computer.

    I thought about using a laptop. The pro would be that you can use your own laptop that you use everywhere.
    You go to work and/or school, update, put some new music on it. A movie or 2 and then when you go to the car, just put the laptop in the docking station and you are ready to go.

    But since I don't have a laptop, it is a lot cheaper for me to just a computer. I bought a little desktop DELL computer. 1000Mhz/256Mb for 110 Euro's..
    I think thats doubable, and perfect for the job


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      i have the same questions, i have a Dell 6000D laptop.. no docking system on it so i coudnt have a startup shutdown controller. And i cant mod the switch because i use it daily outside my car. The worst part of this is that the actual startup button is right above the keyboard which is really hard to get access to if u put the laptop under the seat.. even in the glove box its iffy. Since you dont care much about teh laptop it can stay in ur car thus u can mod it how ever ud like. To keep the cost down id say go with the laptop.

      ***question *** would it be possible to make a second turn on button? like modded onto the side of the computer ?? (thanks ) ***