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Sound problems.... not sure where to turn

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  • Sound problems.... not sure where to turn

    Ok, i just got done building my system with windows xp and got everything installed and running. I noticed there was no sound so i installed the driver from the included MB cd. The driver installed and the little icon appeared on the task bar. I opened it up and attempted to adjust the volume. It would go up, i'd hear the typical beep from the speakers (so it is plugged in the right place and the speakers work), and then i would litteraly watch it slide itself back done to zero. I tried updating the driver, but that didn't work. In the bios I can either have the AC97 Controller disabled or set to auto. If it's disabled, I can't get any sound at all. I have not tried reinstalling windows yet, so could that be the problem or is there something else somewhere that I havn't found? Thanks for the help.

    I did a search on here and on the web with no real answers. I came accross one person having the same problem, but there was only one responce stating: "Automatic volume leveling". I havn't found much of that either.

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    I tried reinstalling windows xp pro, but that didn't work. I can adjust the volume up and i hear a beep out of the speakers, but then the volume slider goes back to zero.

    Please help.


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      I tried contating the MB manufaturer and they said that the chipset might be bad and to go get a new one, so i did. Same f'n schit problem. What else could be the problem to cause the audio to not stay at the lvl i put it at. It always has to be at zero!!!!!



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        Download the "Damn Small Linux" ISO (50 megs), burn it to CD, boot it, and see if the audio works properly. If it does, chances are you've got multiple windows apps/drivers fighting over the audio port.



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          Thanks for the responce. I kind of gave up on this forum helping me out, but it isn't the best place for normal computer problems...hence

          Well, anyway, I found the problem. There is a volume control on the keyboard I was using and the -button was stuck down. Red would be calling me a dumb *** for weeks if he was my dad. I was so stressed over this that I didn't sleep much llast night.