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  • New here.. hello..

    Hello, i am new to the world of carputers... i am just starting the planning phase of my Carputer.. but i wouldt mind starting on getting the computer it self ready first..
    by ready i mean all the software installed and ready to go... (or atleast most of it) but I dont have enough money to buy the touch screen yet. My worry is that me working on a regular monitor to get every thign installed may make every thing down the road harder... like say the front end, does it auto matically scale correctly to another resoltion and aspect ratio?

    i tried searching but couldnt find any thing.....

    Also is there any where to download a template of the Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen 619GL-70NP so i know how much room, and cutting ill need to do inside the car (or if i should just go with a single din flip out..)


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    It works fine. That's exactly what I'm doing. Ultimately I'm going to use a 7" widescreen monitor, but I don't have that yet, so everything is being done on a 15" LCD that I happen to have handy.
    If you look at the frontend software, they're skinnable and you can create (or use) skins in whatever resolution you desire.

    Oh, and check the FAQ Emporium. There's a good writeup on Lilliput screens, including dimensions.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Don't forget you could hook up DSMLink to your carputer and adjust things on the fly!
      ...I miss my GSX.
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        Originally posted by Tidder
        Hey, as long as it's not any particular race I'm offending, I can stand to be a pedophile.
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          DarquePervert thank you for the direction
          and djik
          yeah dsmlink is in the future plans.. just got to get this working first

          and hello to odyssey