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    Hey everyone. I'm completely new to this forum and have little info on car pc's. So here's the deal. While it would be nice to build my own customized pc, I just don't have the time. I'm starting a new business and just want a means to an end. So I'm looking for good advice on ready to go systems I can buy. Besides, I own a sign company and GPS would be a legitimate business expense so all of this will lower my taxable income!!

    So here are my specific parameters.

    1) I own a 2005 GMC 1500 extended cab pickup. PC will be mounted somewhere in the extended cab.

    2) I have the Bose sound system. Yes I know how terrible Bose is but it's all GM offers. I've done the full blown multi amp car installs in the past and have no interest in it at this time. Whatever I do for a pc has to integrate with the stock system so I will probably have to add an FM transmitter unless someone else has an idea.

    3) As stated before I want GPS. What software is the current favorite?

    4) My other intest is mobile MP3 jukebox. Music means a lot to me and radio these days sucks. I want to easily be able to transfer MP3 from my home pc to car. I want a wireless adapter in the car pc to sync with my home WIFI.

    5) Lastly I'll need a monitor. Obvious for GPS. Also want to be able to run winamp or something similar and see my playlists and music folders. I can handle mounting it separately.

    So, no games, movies, etc. Mobile email and MS office apps would be nice but I am not aware of viable mobile internet connections yet so they aren't a high priority.

    So who makes something like this? I found Xenarc in a quick search tonight. Seems kind of pricey. Any other recommendations? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!


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    "measure twice, cut once."

    read the FAQ section. It will save you time and money by helping you to plan the project correctly from the start.


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      "Listen to that guy"