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  • Newbie says hello everyone

    Hi all,

    I hate being a newbie, but we all have to start somewhere! I just thought I'd say hello to you all, seeing as I will be making very frequent trips here to hopefully get a CarPC set up.
    I've been thinking about a CarPC for a while now and just stumbled to this forum. Good stuff all round, but it's information overload right now.

    I'll try not to ask too many newbie questions and promise to try researching for information before I ask.

    Just like to ask for a quick bit of advice/information right now from anyone really.
    I am considering going the laptop route. I already have a budget laptop sitting around. For the setup, I was thinking of hooking it to the battery with a convertor (which I already have). I will also be purchasing an in-dash VGA monitor and understand the way that will work.
    Am I right in thinking that I can install one of the various front end software on the laptop and I can control all my Audio/Video/Nav/Radio from that software? Does the CarPC software become the operating system on the laptop?

    Back to the researching I go....

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    No, the OS remains the same. The car pc software is whats known as a front end. Its basically software that incorperates many different aspects of the computer into one general interface. A central place to launch music, video, navigation, etc. You can boot directly to your front end if you like. There are numerous great frontends here in the software section. I'm personally most fond of Road Runner. Yes, you can use a front end on your laptop to access all of your video/nav/music/photos/cdripping/radio/xm/.etc.etc.etc
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