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Cost Effecient - ITX board in ATX case

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  • Cost Effecient - ITX board in ATX case

    So I've just cought the carputer bug and am thinking about putting one together that's both cost effective yet powerful.
    I'm looking for feedback on a few different points including case selection, power, etc...

    Right now I'm thinking:

    * M10000 Motherboard/CPU ITX

    * ATX mini case/power supply (I'm thinking ATX instead of ITX so don't have to go for all the more expensive low profile drives, RAM, etc.)

    * 512MB PC2100 DDR266 DIMM

    * 80-120 gig (7200) IDE HD

    * lilliput 7" touch-screen monitor

    * I don't feel motivated enough to build one - so I'll probably drop the 40 bucks on the startup/shutdown controller

    * NAV - I'm thinking just one of those cheap 100.00 USB antennas mounted somewhere appropriate in the car.

    * I'm also wanting WiFi so I can simply pull near the house and grab anything off a house computer or transfer among others that have WiFi carputers.

    The only thing I can't yet figure out is: I really want dash access to a cd drive in case I want to play an actual CD.. I was thinking a Slimline CD drive
    mounted somewhere... the touchscreen is going to eat up basically ALL of the room that is originally dedicated to audio from the factory. I don't /really/ wanna customize the dash.. in fact I'm looking to just utilize the space that's already there.. that said, perhaps a slimline drive in the console between the bucket seats or in the glove compartment.

    As far as mounting I'm thinking of building a lightly padded though well vented wooden and capeted case/container which I'll probably bolt to the rear floor with some sort of lock to it's "door" to insure no one who shouldn't can get to it. I don't usually have rear passengers but would like the option to someday expand to two more monitors on the backs of the two front seats for rear viewing.

    The car is a 99 Toyota 4Runner Limited.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback on any and all of this.
    As I have figured so far, I can do all the above for about 600 -700 bucks. This is not including that I haven't given any thought yet to an amp.

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    All sounds fairly standard to me, but:
    Why spend the extra on an mini itx board and put it in an atx case?
    May as well get a low powered (mobile?) amd and standard atx board. The difference in cost will help you buy a DC-DC power supply such as Opus or DSATX.
    Also I wouldn't personally bother with padding either. The general consensus with base units is to mount them securely to something solid.

    Next stop is software. Check out the Frontends section in the forum.

    Best of luck.


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      Well, there is the issue of the mounting holes for a miniITX board not matching up the ATX mounting holes.
      If you're not motivated enough to make a SDC, I don't think you'd be motivated enough to modify the case, either.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        I'm in the same boat as you pcsound. I got a 2K 4R and am buying parts right now. You might wanna check out Rdiggidy's install because it might help you out before you start putting everything together.


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          after checking out Rdiggidy's

          I'm thinking I'm going to go the way of the mounting board inside the cubby compartment and forego the conventional case of any kind. then I can still have the mainboard I want and can save $ on regular sized RAM... in rethinking a full sized regular ol' HD I'm thinking a 2.5inch lap HD with a converter cable to IDE.. seems the general feeling here is the full sized ones just aren't meant to be banged around by road bumps.. and I would tend to agree...