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dlink network card?

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  • dlink network card?

    first off i want to say this is a GREAT site and i hope to learn lots from you guys here, and i will be trying to plan out a carputer for myself while waiting on money. hopefully i won't run into too many problems along the way. but for now, i might as well start asking q's.

    so, with that said, i tried searching for d-link network cards, but couldn't find much about it. i currently have a d-link 802.11b wireless network card in my computer. but since our wireless router is ****ed up, i was thinking i might could use this card in my future build. trying to save myself money on parts i already have, but if you guys could give me a few ideas on where to go with this i'd greatly appreciate it. if i have to, i can upgrade to something better. thanks.

    *edit* also, bluetooth will play a huge role in this seeing as how i have a v3 to use for connectivity.

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    i have a brand new bluetooth dongle for 15 shipped.
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      good deal on that. i just don't have the cash for anything right now. nd i wanna plan out everything i need before i buy anything. i appreciate the offer tho.


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        The ideal wireless set up is to have the antenna external on the trunk of the car, roof etc for better reception. D-Link is really a hit/miss kind of product. I worked for them for 5 years so I should know.

        If you are on a small budget, try the Dlink first to see the results since you have it already, just need to figure a way to get the best reception. If you do not have a good signal, there is no point in installing it.

        Take a look in the wireless section. It will give you some pointers. Orinoco which i have is a great product, heard good things about buffalo as well.
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          thanks for the helpful advice. i have had a few problems with my network card in the past so i was just wondering how people felt about d-link cards. but i was after bluetooth anyways. but i still have time to figure out what i want. thanks again.