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Quick introduction.... yup, I'm a noobie

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  • Quick introduction.... yup, I'm a noobie

    AArgh.. looks like I've got to learn PC's all over again!

    I know, I know we've all been through it BUT I've forgoten more than I care to mention about PC hardware (remember those XT systems with "Hard-Cards" I was there, upgrading to RLL drives etc

    NOW for the nuts of the message!

    I've got the bug! I'm driving a 2005 Mustang and want something sweeeet. I've looked into the different scenario's of a full-blown pc (obviously that's the preference cause I never do anything half-hearted)

    WHERE can I get physical dimensions of touch-screens?? I've scoured *just about* everywhere but they're difficult if not impossble to get hold of. I'd like the largest display possible in the Stang and am opting towards an ITX board that can support full pc power rather than the VIA embeded EPIA scenario. NOW, I realize I'm gonna have to get aftermarket amps, has anyone on here had any BAD times with Bazooka amps (wife can probably get these REAL CHEAP)?

    Aftermarket questions ( . . . yes I'm gonna need a little spoon-feeding... I now... although breast feeding is probably more like it) In time, I'll be asking lots of STUPID questions so bare with me!


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    Check the FAQ Emporium.
    Most of the ansers to your questions (including the one about touchscreen dimensions) can be found there.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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