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Newbie Question about Distro Block

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  • Newbie Question about Distro Block

    Hey im new to the car computer

    i have the Opus 150 in my computer that i bought from here and i have a power cap in my car for the system. The power cap has a power distro block on top of it. can i just put the ground and power wires from the opus to the distro block on the cap? there is an open spot for one more power and one more ground (there are two of each on the distro).

    also, how do i go about splitting the accesory line running to my amp right now so that it still goes to my amp and then also connects to the yellow acc. cable on the opus so that when i turn the key it starts my system(amp) and the car PC?

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    Without knowing what kind of cap you have, it's hard to say.

    As for the acc line going to both the cap and the opus, just stick a distribution block before it gets to the cap and have one line going to the cap and one going to the opus. The acc line doesn't carry much current, only enough to give the "turn-on" signal. The cap may even have the capability of sending the acc line on to other devices.
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      The cap is a Tsunami 2 Farad cap if that helps at all.

      I got the whole Acc. line splitting thing now.

      Now i reazlied i have no idea how to power my screen. haha. im screwed haha but im learning! umm so yeah the screen goes in the front above my deck. that is my screen. i have a 1998 nissan pathfinder. idea on powering it?


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        You can use an extra molex connector and power it off of your Opus...
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