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Newbie questions......sorry :-(

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  • Newbie questions......sorry :-(


    Right, I guess I will start with the hardware and installation before I even think about software.

    OK here goes........

    I've got a laptop and will be getting a motorized LCD touch screen from ebay shortly. The main questions I have are....

    1) the good old "how do I power it" question. I'm not concerned about the boot up time, I mean unless you're only driving to the end of the road it's not really a problem......well not for me anyway.

    2) shut down/hibernation/sleep mode, how do I manage this when I turn off the ignition without damaging the PC and avoiding the "boot up in safe mode" next time I start the Car?

    3) will I need an amp to go from PC to car speakers?

    4) now this question is not important but would like to know for future ideas........I would probably mount the Laptop behind the dash but if I had a Laptop Dock I guess I could treat the laptop like a face off stereo.....what I mean is when im parked in a "dodgy" area I could just remove it?!

    Sorry for all the questions guys but we've all been here



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    Welcome... Most of your items (maybe all) are adressed in the FAQ and project areas. Please read there first, then ask clarification questions.

    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!