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Is this a suitable mobo?

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  • Is this a suitable mobo?

    Hey guys, I have been lurking this forum for quite some time trying to gather info for my carpc project. I must say tho there is WAY to much info and options for me to make up my mind. I found this mobo - as a part of another carpc. I HAVE tried searching for info on it on these forums and didnt come up with anything really. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? The sound capabilites are really important to me and it says it has 4 channel sound (how does that work with the audio jacks it has) and it must be able to handle a few programs at the same time. So if anyone can give any input I would GREATLY appreciate it, thanks, Rory

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    this might struggle with some of the car pc software
    it might also struggle with video playback
    i would get a higher spec if it was me

    just me view on this item


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      The motherboard is 667mhz. That's awfully slow compared to other options that are available. Will it function? Sure.
      I can't say whether it will meet your needs or not because we don't know what your needs are. What do you intend to use the computer for? Different tasks have different requirements for decent performance. If all you're going to do is play MP3s, then this will be just fine. If you want GPS navigation, I think it would be iffy. If you want to play DVDs or hi-quality video files, I'd say to look elsewhere.

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        arg, hmm, its just that i found a great barebone carpc deal with one of these....crap. i dont know now. thanks a lot guys. any more advice is appreciated however. thanks


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          For a VIA mobo/cpu like that, you have to get at least a M10000 which is a 1Ghz CPU.
          You can get a way with video/gps/music ... with a P3 at that speed but not VIA.
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