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  • Starting to plan.

    Getting a new car (used, new to me) in a month or two and I'm starting to plan a Carputer for it. Right now I'm looking at a Camry or Mazda 626.

    Anyway I've been lurking here for a little while and tomorrow I'm gonna measure rather the Pandora can fit in an average 626 glove box or not.

    Provided it can thats what I'm going to order along with one of those slide out 1 din touch screens and yes I've read about the res problem, the pictures I've seen of setups though look fine to me. I'd do a full indash screen but there are 2 problems there.

    1) I suck at anything like fabrication, this includes basic case modding.
    2) I need my AM Radio and without a head unit I don't see many PC tuners that support it.

    I think I got the jist of the information as long as I'm not missing something, the one thing that throws me off however is the software. There are a million front ends and its hard to find a way to compare them.

    Basicly I want Mp3 playback, Divx, DVD, XM Radio. GPS is a Plus but not needed.

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    I should also mention that one of my options may be a Chevrolet Lumina, not sure of the year but a family member has it. Sure its mid 90s.. In that case I think I'd just get with my cousin and build a center console for the thing that would house everything.


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      Looks like I may go with the 99 Lumina and build a custom center console to house everything. Much easier for me that way.

      Anyone see a problem running a Sempron 2800+ Carputer in Texas? heh maybe I'll under clock it.


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        hey i got what you're looking for, the motorized touchscreen and all the parts for the pandora (except a hdd and the actual barebones pandora) check out the link:

        My cardomain site:

        My FS Stuff: