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  • Good in house / No good in the car

    I'm hoping someone can chime in and point me in the right direction. I have an Aopen pandora mini that I will use to run Iguidance, DVD, Mp3 and Internet. I have the system configured the way I want it and everything works perfectly in the house. When I hooked it up in the car it would not power up. Here is the set up.

    1. P1900 connected to Battery (fused),ground and ignition
    2. Lilliput connected to p1900 (jumper set accordingly)
    3. Mini pc power cable cut and spliced onto the carnetix output
    4. On/Off connected according to instructions on this site.

    I think my problem is in step 3. The instructions on the carnetix website show steps for cutting into a mac mini ( and in those pictures it show a small gray wire. The cable for the Aopen does not have a small gray wire, it has a green wire and two that aren't even coated so I can't tell which goes to Power and which is ground.

    Can any offer assistance?

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    come on people, someone should be able to help with this


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      Originally posted by hpric
      come on people, someone should be able to help with this
      You have a multimeter to check voltage's with? I would go through
      and make sure you have power all the way up to your case and
      start there, I cant speak to your particular problem though.
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        i agree that it sounds like a loss of power problem. also make sure that the system is grounded sufficiently. as long as ive worked on cars and such, its usually the little things that cause the biggest problems.
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