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Lazer LEDs for my car

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  • Lazer LEDs for my car

    I want to install 8 Lazer LED assemblies like these ( in my car, and figured the easiest way would be to get some sort of car power supply... I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, so hopefully one fo you can help me. thanks

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    any car power supply that provides a 12v regulated output will do. from my understanding LEDs are very sensitive to changes in voltage (which is very common in cars) and will die a quick death if it sees them.


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      since I'm only going to be running LEDs from it, I don't think I need a high-wat PS, no CPU, video card, HDD, optical drive, etc... I won't need much. any chance you know where I could find a fairly cheap one? I don't want to spend $60 just to pwer them and another $60 to buy the lazers if at all possible... thanks again


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        POL power
        Point of Load.

        Take a look, maybe this will meet your need.
        D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

        Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

        Read the FAQ!


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          depending on on how the LED's are connected you may just need to stick some resistors on the end of each leg of the LED.
          if its just straight wire from one leg of the LED to the other then you will need to add some resistors.

          If that is so this is how you find out what kind of resistor you need

          The resistor value, R is given by:

          R = (VS - VL) / I

          VS = supply voltage
          VL = LED voltage (usually 2V, but 4V for blue and white LEDs) (Depends on your LEDS)
          I = LED current (e.g. 20mA), this must be less than the maximum permitted
          Also note when you do this do this formula, do it twice, onces for 12v and the other for 13.8, the voltage of your battery goes up when the car is running..

          VS=12 and 13.8
          VL=3 Voltage Varys from LED to LED check with your supplyer
          I=50 (depends on your LEDS again but to get the best light and life try around 50ma)

          =180R Resistor
          =216R Resistor

          I would then choice something above that again maybe a 220 or 240R Resistor to go on each leg...

          Hope that Help