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  • '06 Scion tC

    I just bought a Scion tC and I'm going to be installing a carPC in it. I am familiar with computers, and somewhat familiar with car audio, but I know nothing about fabrication and that is what I am really going to need help with. If there is anyone who has a Scion tC and has put a screen behind the folding panel in the dash it would be great to get an E-Mail or a PM from you... or you can AIM me at: oddbaiz. Thanks.

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    PC Components:
    Lilliput; XPC/FLEX mobo; 1.7 ghz P4 Mobile;512 DDR; 160 gb HDD; opus 150; slot usb dvd-rw
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      I already did... i e-mailed some guys too... anyway I also wanted to know about audio output... since I have a high-end amp I want to connect the motherboard to it without losing any audio quality. what motherboard would be good for this, or is a sound card needed?