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  • better volume controle

    It would be really nice to have more granularity in my volume control, especially at the low end. I'm using frodoplayer as my front end and when I set my volume down to 1 some music is still quite audible, the next step below that and the audio is totally off. Now I know I can turn the volume on my amp down but than that limits how much I can amplify my more quiet music. Are there any aps that can give windows better volume control?

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    Maybe if you run your setup like I do, this would help:
    Amp: 60% Fr, 60% Rr, 40~80% Subs (still have to fiddle with it)
    Windows Master Volume: 50%
    Front-End: Anywhere between 1% (whisper-loud) ~ 50% (rock-the-car)

    I'm running a 4.1 (5-ch) Amp: 140Wx4 + 440Wx1 (peak)

    Hope this helps,

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