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can i run a old slow atx board

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  • can i run a old slow atx board

    i got alot of old computers laying around my house and i want to know if i can use them instead of buying a mini itx.

    i got 2 800mhtz celeron boards and a 1.6gig newer celeron board. i dont care about the space in takes up.

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    Sure you can. Thats what I did. Besides the fact that mine is 2.5 gigahertz pentium 4 that is. You really dont need much processing power for a car pc. 1 gig is around the ballpark for users on here (epia boards). But each to his own i guess.


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      Yeah, both of those will work fine and long as you can power them.
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        I run a P3 600mhz without any problem and it doesn't need a lot of power.
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          My first install was a P200mmx, played music just fine.
          Current is celeron 300a (not overclocked)

          I think the 800 will be just fine and will compare well to the 1ghz epias.
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