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Project Dellude: Started without help from here

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  • Project Dellude: Started without help from here

    OK, so... I started putting a computer in my car and I did not know about this site. I participate in other forums and was referred to here. I thought it would be great to get some feedback and suggestions especially on things to do from here.

    OK, so here goes
    I put a dell Dimension desktop 4550 in a 94 Honda Prelude. 15 inch LCD monitor in the dash. Using a 400W inverter to power it. I have Infinity speakers and subs with profile amplifiers. All wiring was redone for the audio. Running Winxp pro and using WMP. I installed the DVD drive where the old head unit was and the HDD in the storgae spot beneath. I then epoxied and bodoed the original case front to them. That is not done yet but it is close. But everything is functional and works great with no engine noise or road noise. The puter is located on the firewall on the passenger side just below the dash. you only lose about 4 inches of leg room.

    I did not use a signal amplifier/vltage booster. I got adequate sound and quality for everyday listening. If I decide to compete with this then I for sure will. I also extended teh power button to the area by the dvd drive to turn it on that way. I have to turn the puter on and off just like a desktop and would like something more practical but I dont think you can because of the Dell factor. I have also not yet finished the rear dashboard(cover with vinyl), the amp rack(wiring neatness and cosmetics), and the computer cover(fiberglass work that will require more time than school, work, and a family will allow at the moment).

    I did it all myself and will finish it by myself. I am big into car audio and had this dell laying around after I built my A64 rig. It also plays DVDs but that is more for show.

    I would like to add a mini keyboard to the console are. There is a space in front of the binacle and below the shifter that one way fit. I put the mouse in the cup holder. I also like the 4.1 surround sound and may go to five. seven is a bit redundant especially in such a small space but my audio card has that capability.

    It was suggested to me on another forum to add a front endWhat do they do and what is the advantage to just booting and clicking an icon if all I do is listen to music.

    I dunno if I have left anything out but it will come to me hopefully if something is mentioned or the right question is asked. Oh, total is 3500 watts of current in the car.

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    Thought I would bump with a picture:


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      hmm. Lots of people dont like to go with full sized hdd's and cdroms. Also, why is the motherboard just hanging out? you are going to cover it up right? I would drop the inverter and power supply, and go with a dc-dc solution if you can. Lots of people will say way to much computer for the car, but I think it is okay. HUGE screen. Lots of people run 7"ers. more pics of the screen? how visable is it at that angle?
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        I agree that it is too much computer for a car but... like I said in the first post... I had it just lying around and I put it to use. I'll try to get more pics of the screen up later. Its pretty visable fromt he driver's seat and hardly blocks any of my visability.

        As I stated in the first post I still have yet to make a fiberglass cover for the computer. I really do not have the time right now and is first on my list come summertime.

        Not really sure if a dc to dc converter will work with the dell. It should I guess but teh Pentium 4 in it sucks a LOT of juice. Any suggestions on it?


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          Alrighty.... its been awhile due to technical difficulties of teh camera.... solution.... new camera. So yeah, I've really been thinking about the M2 due to a recent battery death. I'm just not satisfied that I am being so unefficent now. Baaah. So Yeah, I will be doing that and it looks very simple to me to do. Does anyone know if it comes with the 4-pin P4 power cable or do I need to purchase that separately?

          Anyways, here are some new pics of the monitor.... nothing new on the project with school being busy. I really want to get to some fiberglass work. Its really kinda bugging me. Car should be painted soon too so I am WAY excited about that. THat car has looked aweful for soooo very long now. Anyways on to the pics.

          This is of the screen from the passenger position.... plenty big enough.

          This is from about where the driver would see it. Its visible enough to navigate.

          Here is just another angle of the screen.


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            Just seeing these last pictures makes me look for some sort of robot face like from the Jetsons (Georges computer @ work) where it would talk to me with the pixel face.

            I'll tell you what, as long as it works for you and you like it who cares what anyone else thinks. I personally spend all day in my car pretty much driving from appointment to appointment so for me your setup would be too much. Maybe a 7" screen and the 17" LCD that was detachable? I have one of the new cellular wireless cards that gets 2.5MB so the 17" would come in handy but like I said for me it would need to be able to come off and stored so I could use it when I was able to stop to check email, etc.