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Smoke and that electronic burning smell

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  • Smoke and that electronic burning smell

    First check out my site for lots of details

    I think I have a grounding problem. Whatever it is I think I caused my brand new mac mini to smoke. It seems to be working okay now though, audio at first seemed to be blown when I brought it in the house, but now things sound okay, I must have heated something up pretty good.

    So here is what I have. Audio is a 4pdt relay that I hooked up to the wiring harness connecting to the manufacture's JBL amp. When I hit the switch to view my computer on the MFD the relay is closed so I can hear my aux audio.

    Everything was working great when testing out with an iPOD hooked up to the aux audio. But when I hooked up my computer it made a loud popping noise and I could smell the burning electronics. I unplugged right away.

    The device I'm using for the external video and the circuit to drive the relay is powered and grounded to the wires powering my manufacturers NAV. The relay is powered by the wires going to the AMP, and grounded to the NAV circuit. I have a small pre-amp I'm using the amplify the line-in of my AUX to match the head-unit output, that is also powered by and grounded to the wires going to my AMP.

    The inverter I'm using for the computer is just plugged into a poweroutlet on the dash of the car.

    Any ideas here? Could it be my preamp causing the problems? I haven't tried taking it out of the mix yet, but I'm scared to plug audio back into my computer.

    Should I have the inverter connected to the AMPs +12 and ground where the rest of the audio circuitry is? I'm eventually going to replay the inverter with a DC-DC powersupply.

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    Does your relay also disconnect the audio running from your headunit to your amplifier?
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      Yes, the relay diconnects the headunit, and connects the AUX when closed.

      Someone suggested that I'm using a cheap power inverter that doesn't produce true sine waves and the mini isn't liking the squared off waves.


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        why not mute the pc's sound and have two plugs spliced together? I am willing to bet the relay isnt clicking.
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