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Getting started... a few questions

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  • Getting started... a few questions

    Hi guys i have been reading and searching alot on this site for a while now and finally decided to talk lol. Now for a little background. In my car now i have a flip out touchscreen i purchaced on ebay. The one that needs to be modded for the lights to shut off on the front when the key is off. I have moded mine that way. I also have a fujitsu laptop with no screen. i have it all hooked up now but it is running off of a power inverter and i push the button on the laptop to make it come on. It also has a very toasted battery that wont power the thing for more than 10 minutes. here are my questions

    1) what would be the best way to power it? (i saw a direct dc-dc adapter for it on ebay. thougt about it with plans to keep it poweerd all the time but in hybernate when not in use)

    2)also at startup i get a invalid nv ram data error message press f1 to continue. and as you know this would be a pain all the time. any one know about this error. there isnt a setting in the bios to turn off that error message. the bios clock stays in sync and everthing else runs fine

    i have searched and read but no real clear path to take, if i could get a little info it would help me out greatly.

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    If the laptop won't stay on without main power for more than 10 minutes, just treat it like a desktop without a battery. Use the car's battery instead. Most car batteries will be able to withstand a hibernation draw for about 30 hours, mine survives a 48 outage, but YMMV. Test it out and see.

    Your plan to power it DC-DC sounds best.

    Maybe all it takes is to reseat the ram. Try the eraser trick on the contacts.
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      The NV in NV RAM stands for non-volitile. That means there's data int eh NVRAM that isn't right.
      If you can clear the BIOS settings and reset them, I'd do that and see if it makes the error go away.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Originally posted by peecee
        Most car batteries will be able to withstand a hibernation draw for about 30 hours, mine survives a 48 outage
        hibernation doesn't require any power
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          thanks guys. i will try that. eraser trick? and i tried resetting the bios settings and a no go. its the most annoyin problem.


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            Originally posted by GreenBeast
            hibernation doesn't require any power
            Tell my car battery that I set my carpc to hibernate last night and something killed the battery. It may have just been a coincidence, but my hibernation attempt drained the battery I think.

            Eraser trick - take the ram out, "erase" the gold contacts on both sides and reseat.
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