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Newbie looking for touchscreen help

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  • Newbie looking for touchscreen help

    I'm looking into putting a carputer into my 1976 Mercedes 450SL, but I want to keep the car as original as possible. I'm looking for a motorized touchscreen, but I need one that flips down so it doesn't block my air vents. Does any company make one, or is there some way to mod one for this purpose?

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    With a little bit of work you can mount the screen upside down in the slot and use your graphics card software to "invert" or "flip" the output so an upside down screen is right side up.

    You could also use a program called ScreenInvert.exe which does the same thing, search google for it.


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      Thanks, I totally forgot about being able to flip the image with the videocard. I guess my main concern was how to modify the mounts. Thanks for the info though.