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  • New to all this.. questions..

    Hey all, I'm pretty good with computers and such but i'm new to the idea of putting one in my car. I have a few questions that i hope some one can help me with. First I was thinking about mounting the cpu in my trunk and running wires to the front. My headunit already has an auxillary input with rca. I figured i could run the audio line out from the cpu to the auxillary input of my headunit, which is already being powered by an amp, and use that for my audio. Then I was thinking about purchasing a touch screen and running another wire to that for video. Would this work? I would just have to keep my headunit on auxillary mode for the audio to work and all. Would the sound quality be ok? I am pretty clueless right now tho about how to power the cpu and touch screen? Im guessing they will be regular outlet type plugs? How do i convert that to 12 v for the car?? Lol told you im clueless. If any one could offer me some advice itd be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks alot! -Jason

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    An excellent starting point is the FAQ Emporium.

    Your ideas are spot-on. Yes you can do what you're envisioning, and a lot of others have done exactly that.

    For power, you can use an inverter to convert the car's 12v DC to the AC for the computer's power supply, which then converts it back to DC for the PC components. It works, but it's not the most efficient solution. A better solution is a DC-DC power supply which uses the car's 12vDC power supply.

    Do some reading in the FAQ Emporium and most of your questions will be answered.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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