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  • sound card question

    I'll be getting a low-profile case for my carpc. I've been able to find low-profile video cards and wireless network cards, but I'm having some trouble as far as sound cards. The only low-profile sound card I could find was the Audiotrak Prodigy LT, but it got horrible reviews so I'm really shying away from that. Are there any good quality low profile sound cards, or should I look into finding an Audigy NX?

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    How about an external type sound card? I'm going with on-board sound for now, but I've been keeping my eye out for either a usb or some other sort of external sound card. I've found at least two usb sound cards, which may be good, but I just want to get mine in and enjoy it for now.
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      There are a few USB models there.. Nothing special tho...

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        I'm not *too* familiar with specs on sound cards. I suspect that these two will perform identically (or near identically due to internal differences) for a car pc's purpose (no recording):

        Is this correct?