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  • Dust

    Hey all, planning on putting a carputer in my 89 GMC Jimmy, however have one worry about it... I often go dirt biking in the summer, and as I have no AC ( ) I have the windows open a lot. This invariably let's in huge amounts of dust into the truck, especialy when parked near a dusty motocross track. (I have to clean my dash like every week :P )

    Anyways, was wondering if this would have an adverse effect on the carputer? I could clean it once and a while, but I'm known for being lazy Any recommendations? Warnings? thanks

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    put a filter on an intake fan.
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      And on the windows

      Depends on the dust. Some dust is quite conductive, some is corrosive. Other is benign. YMMV.


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        even with a filter on the intake, you'll probably have to clean it every so often, depending on really how dusty it gets. my dorm room is FILTHY with dust, and i have to clean the front fan filter on my desktop every month or so. it gets totally clogged....can't wait till i'm out of here.

        even with the filter though, after some time dust will still get in there. last year when i was home for the summer i opened up my pc (that had a filter on it) and it was pretty bad inside. although there was a lot of dust inside, it never affected performance.