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mobile 3.06 underclocking??

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  • mobile 3.06 underclocking??

    long story short, my old setup is smoked, so now i have to look into a new system for my car, i know a few in here have run a p4 3.06 in car, and because i have an extra p4 mobile 3.06, i was wondering whats the slowest it can be underclocked to, if it can be at all. Thanks for any input i can get.

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    well usually p4 mobile chips dont run at their speed. like i had a 1.7 p4m and it ran at 1.2ghz
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      yeah, i think its a 3.06 while attached to A/C and a 1.60 when operating in a battery mode, but im not going to be running this processor in a laptop setup. Its going to be in a mini itx board (if i can find one, havent searched yet) or a micro atx board. I guess im really curious if there is somthing in the bios of the motherboard that will keep it running at the lower speed, and if ill still be able to power the setup with my M2-ATX.