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New Project - Project kinisis, Embedded ICE Unit

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  • New Project - Project kinisis, Embedded ICE Unit

    Hi all,

    Been watching the Car-PC scene for a long time, and decided to clear my office of all the embedded PC junk I got lying around. Had a few ideas, and putting together a project and so far had the backing of three companies how gave me even more free junk.

    The specification:
    • Direct replacement for existing radio - ISO Double DIN 4"x7" dashboard mount.
    • Run from 12V auto electrical system, including engine cranking conditions
    • Must start quickly
    • Touchscreen interface
    • Support Line-In for IPOD or other auxiliary device
    • Support 4 Channel Audio Line-Outputs
    • Support Subwoffer, LFE channel and stereo downmix
    • Must have at least 4x25W amplifier built in
    • Must connect to existing ISO car connector
    • Support security if disconnected from supply.
    • Support front and Rear video cameras
    • Play Video
    • Play Audio
    • Support FM Radio or DAB in stereo
    • Support Traffic announcements, and RDS
    • Support for Bluetooth
    • Integrated Global Positioning
    • Have USB 2.0 Expansion
    • Quietly Cooled
    • Sunlight Readable Display

    The good thing is that I'm a hardware and software engineer and have a big machine shop and a bunch of cad a clever bods that I can rely on, so, no time like the present!

    see more at

    Hope you are all getting things working, its so nice to make your car look like Darth Vaders bathroom.

    Its syndicated, so I'll see if I can tie in some form of automatic updating for you all, I will post in here too.

    Right now, I'm doing PCB design for the output stage, which includes the AMP and a TDA7318 Audio processor. Its looking exiting for me... Bordering on obssesive!

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    looks great! I wish i had access to your resources! Its hard to do a perfect job with only limited tools/materials.


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      It is, but the ingenuity is always the key.

      So far project going ok, I'm not happy with my Radio Tuner at the moment.

      I been looking at thing such as that was featured on here, but I can't get a straight answer about lead-times. I really don't want the hastle of doing it myself, I have I2C unit from my donor radio but don't want to get into that!


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        I'd kill to do a project like that, I'm a computer engineer so I'm sure I could do it, the only problem is I don't have the resources to do it.