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Shortening boot time, and any recomended frontends?

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  • Shortening boot time, and any recomended frontends?

    Ok i already made a windows xp disc with nlite (and installed it)

    what else can i do to shorten the boot time? besides booting to the front end?

    btw anyone want to recomend me some front ends to try? im gonna try frodo player first though

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    What is your current boot time? nlite is about the fastest ive seen so far. There are other options but they dont have complete driver support yet. Im at a 28 sec boot time without nlite and thats fast enough for me.

    Give some system specs and a boot time for us

    as far as front ends there are things i like and dislike about all of them but i am currently running frodo now.


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      centrafuse is pretty cool


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        Operating System Optimization
        There's a whole forum dedicated to it.

        There's also tricks in there for optimizing your BIOS for a faster POST.

        You really need to do some searching, man. The answers are all here to be found if you just look for them.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

        Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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          its a lil under a min

          im running a via epia m10000, 512mb pc2100 ram, 60gb hdd