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new car: Ford Focus 2005

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  • new car: Ford Focus 2005

    Hi all,

    I'm about to start on my first car pc; the car I have is a 2005 Ford Focus.

    Before I start I'd like to know as much about the car as possible (don't want to mess anything up...). I realise that there isn't a Haynes manual for my car yet. Should I contact Ford and ask them for detailed manuals? Or will they obviously refuse?

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    Focus Jokus

    I have an 05 Focus ZX4.

    Gonna start this mutha up shortly as well.

    What kind of info are you looking for? I've found tons of info about the stock headunit and the such at other ford forums.
    come to mind off hand.


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      Just looking for anything wiring related, for when connecting the car pc. Plus I'd like to know as much about my car as possible.
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        You have to combine information. I've found more info about my focus on the above mentioned threads... There are small portions of those sites for people with carputers/setups... but with that, combince the infor you find there with info on this site... by far the most complete I've found.


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          I'll be reading up then (already doing so...)

          Another question: What should I NOT do if I don't want to void my warranty (it is 2-years worth...)
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            To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing you can do setting up a basic carputer that will void warranty. Some things are obvious though... you start hacking up wires, doing significant electrical changes (not just attaching extra lead) you may end up voiding certain portions... but your again, for basic setups, there is little to no risk.


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              Basically if you cut any wires and you get an electrical fault ford will blame it on you rightly or wrongly. If you drill any holes in the metal work and you have any corosion promlems near this area you wont be covered by the waranty either. Another site you might like to try is . As for a manual Ford will gladly sell you a factory manual but it will cost you plenty and wont take you by the hand like a haynes manual will because it assumes you are a ford tech and already know what your doing.
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                thanks for the replies guys. I'm currently reading up on everything, and decide what I want from my car computer before I buy anything. Hopefully it wont be too hard fitting a car pc in this 2005 ford focus...
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                  I can provide all the Ford wiring diagrams you need. Right out of the Ford EVTM. I do not have a way to host the files, so pm me with your email address and I will send them to you as a zip file.

                  If you go and buy a harness kit for your car, the wires should be marked and ready to be connected. Really, hooking up a carputer isnt much different than a car stereo install. Use connectors that plug into your existing stuff where possible to avoid warranty issues, not to mention when you go to sell the car later on it makes it easier to return to stock.

                  is one example
                  2005 Ford Focus ST


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                    from what I've been reading, I get the impression that I cant use the stock stereo's power cables, even if I intend to fully remove it. Is this true?

                    Plus... what's a harness kit?
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                      Using the power wires is an OK thing to do... but you may be limiting some of the startup/shutdown functionality of your puter. I would wire something manually.

                      As far as a harness kit... When you pull your dash, you will see a plug going into your unit. There are a bunch of wires going intoone connection. You have two choices, chop the end off, and rememebr (mark) which is wich (right front, left rear, power, etc) or you can get a harness kit. This will plug right into the factory connector, and let you have wires to use for whatever you need.


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                        A UK based focus carputer install that i thought was quite good


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                          yeah, I love Stevieg's install...

                          I read about it in CustomPC, and that's what got me thinking about car pc's!
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