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Pre-assembled or Build-your-own?

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  • Pre-assembled or Build-your-own?

    I've been doing a little research before I started really commiting myself to this project, and I was wondering if there's any other advantage to building your own carputer than just buying one pre-assembled, besides price of course? I realize Streetdeck just came out with their ultra-nifty "plug and play" version, but with China and Korea making waves in the electronics industry, how far do you see it till they come out with their own Streetdeck costing 1/2 or 1/3 of the price? Or are there kits available now from Korean or Chinese manufacturers? I wouldnt wanna start on a project then think there was an easier, or a relatively cheaper way to get from point A to point B.

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    That is the sort of question that is best answered yourself. The primary comparison is price, but there is also the issue of the ability to customize. You can custom order stuff here, but the price quickly jumps up as you add more accessories and higher end hardware.

    Doing it yourself, you are able to do EXACTLY what you want, but that requires the knowledge of how to build a computer, which I suppose is assumed if one is visiting this site to begin with.

    I am sure there are others that are better suited to answer your question, but that is a good start.
    Check out my GMC Savana worklog.

    Remaining tasks to facilitate vanputer installation codename "Enterprise":
    - Edit skin to liking.
    - Get compatible phone for
    - Facilitate HVAC control.