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  • Project XRS is begining

    I won another radio bezel off ebay for my 2004 toyota Matrix XRS, there are a few people on this forum and on who have carPC's, and now I will be following suit and putting a PC into my matrix as well. I know I'll need a montior, computer, lots of free time, and fabricating materials.

    Right now I need to find a monitor for my PC, I'd like to get a 7" montior. what opinions do you guys have for me? I know of Xenarc and Liliput, but what other brands out there are worth looking at that are relatively cheap. I'd like to get a decent monitor but not go to overboard. As far as touch screen vs. non touch I'd like to get a touch screen, it would make everything a lot easier but I know that they will be more pricey. I'd also like some places to look for LCD's too other than Ebay and here at the forum store.

    I also know that I will need to get a special type of power supply to boot up the computer when the car is on, and shut it off when the car turns off. Where can I get one, and can I make one? If I can make one what parts will I need to make it, and how difficult will it be to make?

    Where do you guys find your computer/computer parts from? I've been searching on Ebay for laptops with busted monitors since that seems like the most logical computer to be looking at since they have a smaller sized mobo and onboard graphics card. Also as far as how powerfull the computer is, what would be a good setup to look for (I will be running movies, music, gps, webcam as a backup cam, and maybe internet) P4 processor ???ghz, 256 or 512 ram, low to mid range vid card since I won't be needing it to run any programs that really demand a high load on the vid card.

    -Mike a.k.a Slightly_Stoopid

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    I'd also like to add in that I'd like to somehow incorporate an OBDII tool in as well, but if I can't do that then that is OK. I'd like to somehow have a program that displayed things like AF ratios, oil pressure, boost (when I go FI), but that may all be a custom program if even possible at all.

    -Mike a.k.a Slightly_Stoopid


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      click on the mp3car logo up at the top of this page... that'll get you to the store and you can see all the stuff we use in our cars....power supply, mobo, screens, etc...
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        Found some screens on ebay, some of these I've never heard of, but since this is a worldwide forum I'm hoping that someone has seen one of these monitors first hand and can give me their opinions of them.

        1. in this auction there is a link to a video of the monitor working, I don't know anything about this company or montiors in general. This seller is from the UK the screen comes from Hong Kong

        again no company name, seller in the UK product from Hong Kong

        a couple of sellers have these, this guy is from Australia product from Hong Kong

        4. Anyone ever heard of Dynamix? From Greensboro NC

        That covers all the brands except Xenarc and Lili on Ebay as of today.

        -Mike a.k.a Slightly_Stoopid


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          Originally posted by scott_fx
          click on the mp3car logo up at the top of this page... that'll get you to the store and you can see all the stuff we use in our cars....power supply, mobo, screens, etc...
          Thanks, I have been there, I'm asking for more sources for products. I'm just shopping around for a good deal.

          I'm pretty set on using a laptop for the computer (I can temp use the one I have now, which is the one I'm typing on actually. I have an extra power supply brick that I can try to wire into the car for charging the battery), so power will come from an inverter or something...still have to figure that one out(if it can be done...), but I've got the mobo and all that covered if i go with the busted laptop, PSU is the only question there.

          I know I've got a lot of reading and research to do, I'm just hoping that you guys can help point me in the right direction.

          Thanks again.
          -Mike a.k.a Slightly_Stoopid