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1992 buick wireing

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  • 1992 buick wireing

    okay this might sounds really sad... but i got a car with a aftermarket radio...looks and sounds nice...needs bass but not here or there...

    i cannot figure out why it is that when i don't have the unit on my dash lights don't work...and if i have it dashlights are dim...i took it apart and saw a couple wires that are not hooked up...can anybody send me in the right direction to get a wiring diagram so i can go down and get a factory harness

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    hmm dont sound right, you need to look up the color code for your car for the wireing harness. Google should pop something up. I would believe there should be one wire on the factory harness that controls the light on the factory radio. This wire is used to also dim the lights on aftermarket radios. Find what wire this is, and see where it is connected. You may have to use a volt meter to see what state the line is in with lights on or off. But I would think you dash lights would work without the radio in. And if they dont, then sounds like the aftermarket radio is powering your dash lights which isnt good, and could damage the unit.
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      There is wire there for dimming the radio's lights, but you really don't need to hook it up. Many aftermarket radios don't even have a connection for it. I know that the dash light system can be damaged if the wrong thing is hooked to this wire. One guy I know didn't bother with a harness adapter, got this wire hooked to something wrong and fried the light booster unit or light control unit or something. Needless to say he didnt' have any dash lights until he replaced that part.

      I can get you the diagram with the wire colors, but I need to know which model of buick you have, and if possible what factory radio came with it (I beleive there were a few different premium radio packages in those years).
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        all i know is that its a 1992 buick skylark 4 door sedan 4 banger...i can't seam to find any skylarks at my local junk yard..and i don't want to damage my head...its decent not cheep but not expenisve either....


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          Here is the diagram for your Buick. Looks like you need to check and see what is going on with the Brown and Gray wires for the Interior Lights.


          Good Luck.
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