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Various newbie questions about LCD's / Software / Skins / etc.

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  • Various newbie questions about LCD's / Software / Skins / etc.

    Sorry for the double post....can I delete on of them? Wow, I'm really impressed with this forum! Talk about useful information. I'm in information overload! I was wondering if I could use some of your knowledge to get me started down the right path!

    I have been looking around the site pretty heavily for the past week or so. I own and Audi A6 and was on my audi forum and saw a beautiful install of a LCD Carputer in a A4 and it got me to thinking. I have a spare notebook laying around my house and have been just waiting for a use for it. It is a couple of year's old dell D800. To start with, I'm not looking for an MP3/radio player! I have a really nice after market stereo installed and I might integrate it all later. What I would really like is a navigation system. I currently have a Delorme GPS with both Steet Atlas Pro, and Topo USA software. Enough of the for the questions.

    1. I don't want to cut open my dash! I would be looking to fabricate some way to mount the LCD touchscreen on the dash / cup holder / glove box. I also can't spend more that about $250 on the monitor. What would be my best LCD touchscreen in this price range? I'm kind of leaning toward the 7" Lilliput (619). Have they fixed the touchscreen problem? The SP7 listed in the store also looks like it has pretty good specs, but who knows in real life.

    2. In my search for software I have been looking for a nice Audi skin. I have seen various examples here but can't seem to find the download. I saw a recent post of a really nice skin for an A8, but I couldn't tell what software they were using. I also need something that will run under windows XP.

    3. Finally.....sorry for the long post.....I have wonderd just how I'm going to work the power on - power off with a notebook. I know that this is not the prefered way of doing this but I was wondering if anyone has used a docking station? This would allow for the notebook screen to be closed and yet still funtion. It would also give be a power on button on the outside of the unit, so that I would not have to try the differnt boot on lan, boot on ring, etc.

    Thanks again for any help and guidance that I know is available here!!!

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    For your first question, there are plenty of mounts for dashboards/cup holders and a few other places if you dont want to install it into your dash that shouldnt be a problem. $250 on the monitor is no problem either, I get a lot of my stuff off ebay because its a lot cheaper but for $250 you can get a really nice new touch screen from just about any place. (I would still suggest ebay)
    Thats not bad, comes with the dash mount and every thing.

    As for software media engine is pretty cool, seems a little buggy still but other wise well worth the money, here is a link to an Audi skin for that software, browse the sit for the actual software you might want to test it out on your PC first and see how you like it, but it has GPS support and what not.
    but most software will work on Windows XP with no problem that also shouldnt be a problem.
    In the power settings of a laptop: Right Click on desktop > Properties > Screen Saver > Power there is an option in there some place, cant remember the exact location but you can tell it to "do nothing when I close the lid" so you can keep it on all the time without having to use a docking station. As far as working the power on/off button goes You will have to do that manually unless you want to take apart your laptop and solder in a button. You can turn it off through Windows but you will always have to open up the laptop turn it on then close it. Seems to me like the hardest part will be trying to find a place to set the laptop where its out of the way but still accessible to turn it on with out it being in the way.
    not that EXact brand but I was just using that as an example.

    Wow, I just realized how long that post was, sorry.