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Intel Mac Mini on TrailBlazer 2002

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  • Intel Mac Mini on TrailBlazer 2002

    I've decided to finally get around placing a Mac Mini on my SUV.

    Some important things I want to keep:

    1. I don't want to do a lot of surgery to the car. If I want to sell it later, I want to keep a MacMini installation that can be easily removed.

    2. With the above, a whole lot of problems arise.

    Here's what I have so far...

    a) I have not yet found anywhere on the internet a set-up of an Intel Mac Mini. (These ones have "official" front row!).

    b) I started looking into set-ups and here's my shopping list...

    ----> Mac mini (1.5ghz, Intel Core Solo) $579

    should I go with a G4-based model at all?

    ----> Belkin Power Inverter (AC Anywhere™ F5C400-300W) $59.99

    300 watts should be enough to power the Screen and the mini.

    ----->Carnetix P1900 and P5V adapter.

    This is the SCARY I need this at all? can the inverter take care of it? Is this compatible with the new Intel Mac mini?

    ----> Xenarc 700 TSV Touchscreen $250

    I don't really like it since my ideal set up would be to hide the monitor from the dashboard! I want to be able to use the monitor more as a tablet that has enough cable to be move around the passengers on the back of the car.

    Any ideas??? I am having a really hard time finding slim touchscreen lcds that could do this.

    -----> OPTION 2 ---> Mp3Car 8" 16:9 VGA\Composite Monitor with Touchscreen $260.00 (

    I think this one is NICER!

    -----> BU-353 USB GPS (Waterproof GPS Receiver) $75

    ------> PowerMate controller /black
    ( $45


    ****> USB Adapter for Cardbus Wireless Modem 3G Cards : U132 $189.99

    Verizon Wireless High Speed Internet!

    c) It is a nice thing to have 2 outlets on the front seats, 1 on the middle seat and one on the trunk.... this gives room for the inverter!

    QUESTIONS so far:

    -How is the sound connected from the mac mini to the Stereo???

    I'll keep you posted on any updates!