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    Well i wasn't exactly sure where this would fit in the directory, so i guessed the Newbie section would be as good as any. Well my question is: I'm planning on putting a Carpc in my Matrix, and i'm pretty scared of theft. So if by any chance the computer gets stolen along w/ the lcd, and all the USB adapters (ex. GPS), would it be covered by my insurance (i have full coverage). I heard that whatever is bolted down is covered, but i kind of dont want to bolt down the cpu so i can take it out easily. And the lcd wont necessarily be bolted down, it would be fabricated into the dash. I also heard that taking pics of what you've done and keeping your receipts would basically cover, true? I was planning on calling the insurance company about it, but i was seeing if it can be answered here first to see if anyone has acually been in this situation, or know how all that insurance stuff works cause i really don't. Thanks for your guys' help.

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    It really depends on your insurance company. The only way to really know what they will cover is to call them and ask. If mine is attached to the car i.e. bolted down, it is covered.
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      Wow, I didnt even think that a carputer could be covered under insuarance! Even though I live in a small town at the moment, it wouldnt be a bad idea to check this option out.
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        When i had a bunch of cd's stolen from my truck, my renters/homeowners insurance covered it. The auto insurance would not cover things that were not "installed" in the car. Check with your renters/homeowners policy to see if they cover stolen items from your car...

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