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  • Newb with a few remaing questions

    Glad to have found the board and a ton of great information!

    I am looking at building my first CarPC system for my bmw 330ci, and have a couple remaining questions and any information/recommendations would. Living in Arizona heat is a constant issue, and would like to build a machine that could be reliable and stable in the heat.

    I would like to have one of the smaller cases, but I know from past builds (desktops) smaller does not always mean efficient cooling. Are there certain cases and hardware that would be better at handling heat and still remain stable/reliable? I am concerned with not getting the correct hardware for this type of system.

    If mounting a CarPC unit in the rear of a vehicle, how would you mount a dvd/cd player remotely in a glovebox?

    What is required to implement an aftermarket sound system (amps/speakers/subs) to the CarPC when using an onboard sound card?

    Appreciate the help.

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    As far as heat goes a lot of that depends on what sort of system you're putting together..... a low power VIA type board, or the latest/fastest pentium or AMD board. I personally have a 1Ghz VIA board crammed in a small metal case along with an OPUS power supply and 3.5" HD and it's under the passenger seat with no heat problems here in Florida. There's a fan on the CPU and a one on the case so at least you'll want a case fan. You could also run a temp monitoring program (motherboard monitor, etc...) to keep an eye on it, but I haven't had any problems here.

    As far as the integrating with a sound system there are some good FAQs that deal with that in detail, just go check out the FAQ section and browse some of those. But basically you can either hook up your computer's audio to an external input of your existing radio/head unit, or ditch the head unit and hook computer's audio straight to aftermarket amps.
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